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Putting Junior First: Make Golf Engaging Again for Junior Golfers

By Scott McCormick, amateur golfer and blogger with Golf Now Houston and US Golf School Guide

Junior Golfers need to find their own gameLearning the rules of golf and starting a formal training program as soon as they are able to walk isn’t the best way to train children to become skillful and appreciative of golf. I didn’t start golfing until my teenage years, and even then I was more concerned about appreciating the sensations of golf rather than nailing proper form.
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Bird Golf Academy
Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, & Georgia
US Golf School Guide
Bird Golf Academy

Bird Golf AcademyBird Golf Schools:
The Ultimate Golf School Experience®

Bird Golf Schools’ mission statement is to deliver “the ultimate golf learning experience”® to their students and they take their mission very seriously.  The core philosophy of their “Ultimate Golf Learning Experience”® is to tailor programs for each individual student and to provide students with one on one instruction.  To implement this highly personalized approach, Bird Golf Schools has assembled a highly experienced staff that includes not only professionals with extensive teaching backgrounds, but Tour Winners as well; including winners of the U.S. Open, the World Pro Am at Pebble Beach, the Women's Colorado Open, and the National Teaching Division Championship.

Bird Golf Schools will address and solve your swing, as well as teach you how to think on the golf course under the direction of Carey Mumford, one of the foremost Golf Psychologists in the country.  Golf Magazine recognized Mumford among the top dozen golf psychologists in the country in 1990, and Golf World Magazine devoted several pages to his book, The Double Connexion, in 1992. Over the past fifteen years, Mumford has faced more than 22,000 of the Class A Member Professionals of the PGA, conducted in excess of 200 clinics for amateurs and professionals in 30 states and Canada, and worked individually with over 100 players on the PGA, LPGA, Seniors, Nike, TC Jordan, Hooters, Futures, and Mini Tours.

Whether you're a low handicap player looking to master your short game or a total beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals, Bird Golf's exceptional teaching staff can help you meet your objectives.  The school offers fourteen spectacular Resort locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania & Tennessee.

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