How to get the best value from your lesson

by Steve Bann 

To get the best value from a golf lesson, there are a few prerequisites. Firstly you must be prepared to learn and possibly change some things and most importantly you will need to practice your new skills and give them the opportunity to take effect. It is my experience, that one round a week and one practice session is about enough to maintain your standard. More is required if you expect improvement. You will get maximum benefit from you lessons and golf improvement if you have a good understanding of why and how your technique changes.

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National Golf SchoolsNational Golf Schools offer flexible programs that are tailored to individual students.  This is accomplished through their amenable instructors, a maximum teacher student ratio of 4:1 and class dates that accommodate your availability. Half of your instructional time is spent on the golf course with your professional who will set manageable, realistic goals that maximize your distinct physical strength, flexibility and dexterity. 

National Golf Schools was founded by PGA Professional Patrick Livingston,  the 2003 and 2007 "PGA Teacher of the Year” North Florida PGA Section and host of National Golf Schools ESPN Florida Radio PGA Pros Hotline.  Patrick has assembled some of the finest PGA and LPGA Teaching Professionals within the field who all embody strong teaching communication skills and the ability to have a good time with their students.

 National Golf Schools has over sixty premier locations throughout the United States, all at top quality locations with championship golf courses and premier hotels.  National Golf Schools also offers a range of Specialty Schools, Senior Specials, Junior Camps and Women Only Schools.  With all of this available there is bound to be a destination and package that matches your preference.

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