2010 Goals

I hope everyone understands the importance of goal setting in golf and all other pursuits. The goals must be clear, attainable, and accurately written out. What a perfect time of year to begin setting your 2010 goals! Write them down and from time to time go back and re-evaluate.

My 2010 continuing education and certification goals are listed below as an example. I will share with you what I learn through each of these processes.

My 2010 professional goal is to obtain more information about all areas of the golf industry to pass on to my students in an attempt to improve each one’s golf game and maximize their potential.

My plan:

1) In January, I will attend the PGA Merchandise show to see what is hot
and what is not in equipment, teaching aids, video equipment, etc. I will also
attend the annual Golfing Machine Teaching Summit to share and learn with
some of the brightest minds in Golf Instruction.

2) Attend Level II in the TPI Fitness certification process to gain more knowledge
on the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers. This school focuses
on getting these areas of the body stronger, dealing with injury, rehabilitating,
etc. and how the range of motion and flexibility in each affects the golf swing.

3) Go through the PGA certification process for instructors offered to Class ‘A’
PGA Members.

My goal is to challenge myself in the learning process. I want to learn as much as I can about equipment. I want the Classic Swing Golf School to stay on the cutting edge in teaching golf. I know I must continue the certification process for credibility, and I hope that what I learn and share with you will be amusing, and more importantly, helpful.

The other topic I will cover in 2010 is The Impact Zone, that precious moment of truth in golf that for many is fleeting. I will share with you the importance of the flat left wrist and why there must be a straight base plane line. Many of you may not yet know what this means. In 2009, I addressed the 6 inches between the ears. In 2010, I will address the 2 inches before impact and the 4 inches after. Impact is very dynamic, and when the golfer has a clear precise picture of how to get there, their chances of properly arriving at impact increases.

If you do not know where you are trying to get to, then how are you going to get there? Start with your goals. Then, design a plan of how to achieve them. Next is to simply maintain the desire and confidence to work your plan. Stay goal oriented, and I look forward to sharing more valuable information with you in the New Year.


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