The Chip Shot

The Situation: Your ball lies 10 feet off the green with high grass between you and the fringe so you can’t putt. You want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible so it can react like a putt, which gives you the best chance of making the shot. The shot selection that makes

Playing in Windy Conditions

If any of you watched the 2004 Professional Tournament in Hawaii, you noticed that the Professionals were playing is severe wind conditions. Hopefully, you noticed several adjustments they made to combat the wind by giving themselves the best chances at maintaining their balance, hitting the ball low and keeping control of their swings. Listed below

The Release!

Many students who attend the Ben Sutton Golf School are there because they don’t release the club properly and therefore hit pulls or slices. The easiest way to see if you release the club properly is to check the position of your hands and arms at the 3:00 position (for right hand golfers). At this

The Proper Way to Start a Round

Many golfers arrive at the golf course minutes before their tee time, sign in, bat a few balls, hole several practice putts, down a beer and run to the first tee while agreeing to various wagers. After the round they wonder why they played so badly, lost all their wagers and hit very few quality

Be Centered for Gooad Putting

For the last year, I’ve been working with Canadian PGA Tour Professional Corey Jones. This past season Corey experienced a breakthrough in his putting by making some simple setup adjustments that caused his stroke to improve significantly. Like many golfers, Corey set his weight over his forward foot at address when putting. Because the weight

Loading the Back Leg

One of the most common faults students display is not loading their weight over their back leg when taking the club back. Perhaps because they have been told for years to “keep their head down” most golfers don’t make a good enough move off the ball to get in a power position. Try throwing a