Getting Over Golf School Phobia

So my question to all you golfers suffering from golfschoolnaphobia – is your golf game worth protecting?  Sure you might feel better about yourself if you shoot 95 rather than 105; but no offense, you are still a hacker.  And unless you work on your game you will likely never get the satisfaction of shooting

Winter Golf

As winter approaches and golfers in the colder climates go into hibernation here are some tips for those of you who go through “golf withdrawals”: Stretching exercises. Of all workouts, Yoga is by far and away the best form of work-out for golf muscles. Hitting the ball further (which everyone wants to do) is much

My Holiday Wishlist for Golf

If I were Santa here are the golf related presents that I would be delivering this year: To Tiger Woods; a complete and complication free recovery so that we can continue to marvel at the greatest player in history, To Charles Barkley; A golf swing. It is devastating to watch someone who wants to play

A Day at the Beach

I am always amazed that human beings love to go the beach so much; yet have such an aversion to going anywhere near sand, when they are on a golf course! I have actually watched golfers seize up after hitting a shot into a bunker, knowing that they will have to play their next shot

Breaking Barriers

In the last three weeks we have received word from two of our superb students who have both broken a same, ‘golf barrier”, but in different ways. Max Hillier first held a golf club in his hands, 9 months ago. Max, who is originally from South Africa, now lives in the Cayman Islands. Max’s friends

Clearing Up Short Game Confusion

Is there a difference between chipping and pitching, or are they the same?  Let us see if we can shed some light on this short game conundrum. These two shots are different.  There are two basic differences in the shots.  First, with chipping there is little or preferably no wrist hinge.  Secondly, the ball spends