I need a new driver

by Jerramy Hainline, Hilton Golf Academy I Need a New Driver   The most popular equipment question I get each week is always the same; “If I get that new Driver I saw on TV, will I hit it further?”  My answer is always the same; “Sometimes.”  You see bigger is not always better with


These are the 5 factors that affect every shot.   1)       Lie – the lie is how the ball sits, is it down in the grass or up on a tee?  Remember that just because you are 300 yards away from the green, doesn’t mean you always have to use a 3-wood.  Maybe the lie

What is Desert Golf?

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with tall trees, lush grass, snow-peaked mountains, and the ocean within view.  I moved to Phoenix which has, no trees, brown sand, cactus covered hills, and a 6 hour drive the Pacific Ocean.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Arizona and all the desert has to offer, it

Time for a Lesson

It is surprising how many people come to me over the course of a year and say, “you know pro, I’ve never had a lesson”.  Most of them are very good golfers who have sent years diagnosing themselves and hitting ball after ball to make things work.  However, what’s most interesting is that after their