By Malcolm Joseph – Senior Instructor DLGA Pitching the ball either a short distance 20-30 yards or approaching a green from 60-70 yards can be a very difficult golf shot for many.  Hopefully with some tips from this article and of course some practice you can start to hit the ball closer to the flag

Back Fitness

“Back” to Health by Malcolm Joseph Senior Instructor– DLGA, Bradenton It seems back problems, no matter how small, are more common than ever these days.  Almost everyone has experienced it or at least knows of someone that has.  Back problems effect over 70% of the working population and that number is probably higher amongst those

Putting With Your Eyes

by Jason Suedhof, IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy Do you know which eye is your dominant eye? Try this:  Form your two hands into a circle with your palms away from you.  Hold the circle with your arms extended in front of your face, and choose a fixed object, 20 to 30 feet away, to view