Do that everytime

How many times have you hit that fabulous golf shot and said to yourself; …“why can’t I do that every time?” Well, the answer is simple, because you are not making a repeatable golf swing. What happens with the majority of players is that they try to make it happen rather then let it happen.

Chip it in to win

  Over half of the shots you hit per round are played from within 30 yards of the green, making the short game a critical element to your ability to score. Unfortunately, most amateurs spend more time working on their full swing than on their short game. When you are faced with a shot right

Put Your Wedges to Work!

Isn’t it funny how you can go to the driving range and find the same people grinding away at their full-swings?  They think that by spending hours a day practicing their driver they are going to play better golf.  If their swing looks like Tiger’s, certainly they should be able to shoot similar scores!  Yet,

Tempo: Your Key to a Reliable Swing

By: Ryan Carfara, The Island Golf School and Junior Players Golf Academy Golfers are always looking for more consistency in their golf games.  At The Island Golf School and Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA), that is the number one reason why students say that they attend our schools.  What they do not realize is that

Stretch Out Your Golf Game

By: Ryan Carfara Have you felt the recent chill in the air?  It means that winter is soon approaching and the warmth of the summer will have to wait until next season.  Just because summer is going into hibernation, it does not mean that your golf game has to.  The key to maintaining your golf