Make a Statement

by Dave Dolengowski, PGA Senior Instructor, Marriott Golf Academy On your next visit to the practice putting green try this “Make your Statement” putting drill, it will help you judge slope better, read greens better, and develop a repeating stroke along a straight line. Select a putt of approximately 20 to 30 feet. Select a

Winning The Fairway Bunker Game

By Chip Koehlke, PGA Director of Instruction, Marriott Golf Academy With Sasha Medina, LPGA Futures Tour Player Many players have a real challenge playing fairway bunker shots, but there are a few tips that can ensure you play good shots from this treacherous hazard. Two common errors are made at address.  First, because the rules

Train Your Eyes, Train Your Stroke

When it comes to being an efficient player on the putting green, there are two important elements you must develop, the line and the pace.  Judging these two factors comes from experience and feel that can be developed on the practice green.   First, let’s talk about line.  Every putt should be treated as a

Honey-do to a better game

Drag the Mop By David Graham, Certified Instructor, Marriott Golf Academy There is nothing worse than being stuck in the house with a mile long “honey-do” list on a beautiful Saturday morning. The links call but alas, the “honey-do” list is too long. I recently found myself in a similar situation and while I dutifully

Hammer the Ball

Michael Ellis, PGA Senior Golf Instructor Marriott Golf Academy Ever wonder how not so big guys like Sergio Garcia and Camilo Villegas create so much power and hit the ball so far?  Sure, talent has a lot to do with it.  Strength, conditioning, and flexibility have a lot to do with this as well. One

Solidify Your Chipping

by AJ Gaul, PGA Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy in Palm Desert, CA The ability to consistently hit crisp, consistent chip shots begins at the address position.  The positions achieved at address become the positions the body and golf club should also be achieving during impact. Begin by addressing the golf ball with a fairly

Uneven Lies

By – Michael Ellis, PGA Senior Golf Instructor Marriott Golf Academy In this article I would like to focus on uneven or problem lies that most every golfer will face at least once a round.  Though the fairway you are playing looks perfectly level as you look down it toward the green, you may find