Holing Out

by AJ Gaul, Certified Instructor, Marriott Golf Academy, Palm Desert, California   When attempting to hole putts of a shorter length, two elements are extremely crucial.  The first is the ability to properly align the putter head and body with the intended target line.  The second is making a stroke that follows a proper path

Two Golf Myths for the New Golfer

By David Graham Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy, Orlando There are a few golf myths out there that show up on the lesson tee from time to time.  These myths get passed on to each generation of new golfers which has the same impact as they had on previous generations, they harm our golf swing! 

Long Greenside Bunker Shot

By Ben Nicholas Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy One of the more difficult shots a golfer may face on the course is a bunker shot that is 40 to 60 yards from the green. Let me suggest using the splash shot technique… but instead of a sand wedge… use a pitching wedge or a nine

Hit Your Driver Further

by Ben Nicholas Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy in Palm Desert, CA Many students I work with believe that more distance off the tee will significantly lower their scores. Typically the best way to lower scores would be to work on shots around and on the green; however more distance is never a bad thing.

Principles of Alignment

By A.J. Gaul Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy – Palm Desert, CA One of the more critical but unfortunately most misused fundamentals is that of parallel alignment. In its proper form, alignment is set with the clubface aiming along the ball to target line, and the body aiming parallel to this line.  When accomplished properly,

Common Faults in Driver Set-up

By Dave Dolengowski Senior Instructor- Marriott Golf Academy in Orlando, FL   Posture The most common fault I see in posture is too much tension in the arms and shoulders (see picture 1). Sometimes this is caused from a driver being too long and upright in lie angle. Today’s drivers have a lie angle that