Starter Set Game

Hugh Royer, III – Director of Instruction Champions Golf Academy Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The main reason most golfers play poorly is improper course management. Most players, including juniors, think they can just hit the ball as hard and far as possible regardless of the situation. This does not necessarily create the best scoring opportunities.

For More Distance Easy Does It

In golf, more effort does not equal more distance.  In fact, those golfers dreaming of more distance usually swing hard and aggressively at the ball with a violent lunge with the shoulders that severely limits their potential for the good contact and clubhead speed needed for more distance.  The golf ball has no idea how

More Distance for Dads

One thing all of us are looking for is to get more distance off the tee.  There are things we can do to achieve some of this.  A little bit of stretching daily can give us more range of motion that can create club head speed.  Also getting a driver with proper loft and shaft

Nike Golf Camp Partners with Nemacolin Woodlands Resort to Host Advanced Players Camp

Competitive junior golfers have the opportunity of a lifetime to train with nationally-recognized coaches and stay at a five-star golf resort in Pennsylvania.  (PRWEB) February 12th, 2015 – Nike Golf Camps has expanded their junior golf camp network with the addition of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. This program is specifically designed for the