Playing The Game

As  PGA Teaching Professionals, we see golfers put a lot of emphasis on swing purity. Let’s make no mistake, there is nothing in golf like a perfectly struck tee shot that arcs high into the air and lands far down in the center of the fairway. The problem is that it doesn’t happen every time,

Inside the Ropes of a Junior Tournament

by Patrick Livingston, National Golf Schools You are a 15 year old female high school High School sophomore with aspirations to play on the LPGA tour. What are your summer golf expectations? Play in some local PGA Chapter Junior tournaments? Play in some AGJA tournaments? Spend a little time with your PGA Teaching Professional (probably

The Golf Mechanic

By Ken Williams NPGIA Course Coordinator The “Mechanic” is unique to golf and easily recognizable.  We have seen him on every practice area and golf course we have ever played.  Frozen in suspended animation, he stands at address in stillness, contemplating the universe that is his swing.  He meditates on the takeaway, his position at

Swing Faults

by Mike Angelo National Golf Schools One common swing fault that I see with both high and low handicappers is an improper turn or pivot. Whether its over rotation of the hips (no coil), hip and knee sway (weight goes outside the trail foot), reverse pivot with origins with bad advice like keep your head down,