Right Foot Back

Right Foot Back Drill by Jerry Couzynse, VP Golf, Saddlebrook Resort; The most exciting club to hit has to be the “Big Stick”, or more commonly named the driver. Of course the most common result with most high handicappers is a big slice! To help with the slice the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy Professionals recommend

Baseball Drill

Terminology is very confusing when learning the golf swing so the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy Professionals create drills to produce the feel rather then explaining them with words. Release is a commonly used term but is rarely understood without further explanation. Simply put releasing the golf club means rotating the forearms and hands to produce

Blast Shot Fundamentals

A simple fundamental technique, frequent practice, and a positive, anticipatory attitude are easily acquired attributes of the successful bunker player As we create the bunker shot, we begin, as always, with the grip.  We hold the club in a fashion very similar to the pitch  shot:  the club is held in the fingers, the hands