Better Your Body To Better Your Swing

Bob Forman
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
MS, Exercise Physiology
Why is it that with all the technological advances in the game of golf, the average handicap in the U.S. has not really moved all that much?  Both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, for example, reported that between 1995 and 2005, there had been absolutely no improvement in golfers’ handicaps.Why aren’t golfers getting better?  After all manufacturers are coming up every year with new and improved golf clubs and golf balls, and there are literally hundreds of teaching gadgets and aids out there that will fix your swing and improve your game.The problem is, none of these external devices focuses on the internal deficiencies most golfers posses.  They don’t address the golfer’s physical abilities, which for the most part, are not suitable to swing the golf club efficiently, and generally get worse with age.  It’s like putting four new tires and a sleek new frame on an old car and expecting it to run better.  You’d still be dealing with an ineffective engine that doesn’t perform well.

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