Build up to the Long Clubs

When I was playing competitive golf, the weakest part of my game was the long irons (not too many hybrids around then either!). I found one way to improve my shots with the longer clubs was to start wedge distance from the green. I would hit shots from there until I was striking the ball solidly and accurately. Then I would move back 10 yards and repeat the process. By the time I got to the longer clubs, I had a nice repetitive swing and rhythm going. I simply made the same swing with the same tempo with all the clubs as I moved farther away.

That routine is probably not practical for most practice facilities, but you can do the same thing by trying to land balls 10 yards apart on the range (if your gap between irons is longer or shorter than 10 yards, use your gap). This way of practice should also help you build some consistency in the distance you hit each club by having both a directional target and a distance target.

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