Buried Lies – A tough Bunker Shot made easier

For many golfers the bunker shot is a difficult shot. I am going to focus on the dreaded  “Buried Lie” or  “Fried Egg” in a greenside bunker.

This shot you will play with the clubface square to slightly closed and hands slightly ahead of the ball. I try to pick the club up more than on an ordinary pitch shot and descend sharply an inch behind the ball. You want to use the leading edge of your wedge (I usually use a Pitching wedge) to get under the ball and swing thru the sand.Purtzer-Buried-Lie-addressPurtzer-Buried-Lie-backswinWhen the ball comes out it will usually have top spin so you have to allow for the ball to run a lot once it hits the ground.



Depending on the distance of the shot, I usually try to take no more than a half swing on this shot unless I have a long shot-then I may use an 8 or 9 iron and swing to ¾ or so on my backswing.

If you are unlucky enough on a par 4 or 5 to drive into a buried lie. Play smart, take your lumps and get the ball safely in play so you can play your next shot to the green or down the fairway.

FINAL THOUGHT-as in most all shots maintain good rhythm in this stoke.


Practice this shot in the practice bunker when you go out to practice for the next few weeks and the next time you are in the fried egg you will hit a good one.

Have your professional help you with this.

As always, we hope these tips will help you enjoy this great game even more.

Champions practice with purpose and patience!
When PGA Tour Players and top amateurs make swing changes, it can take days, weeks and sometimes even months for the changes to take hold and become comfortable and repeatable. When I played the best golf of my life (shooting many rounds in the low to mid-60’s), I got great advice from my instructors and worked many hours on the fundamentals of the game. The persistence and patience paid off!

Many golfers never reach their potential because they are looking for INSTANT IMPROVEMENT in their golf games. Unfortunately, MOST of the time this is not realistic!

There is no substitute for sound fundamentals, especially in conjunction with desire, hard work, patience, persistence and finally seeing your self being successful at the game. I hope this Purtzer Golf Academy tip will help you play some great golf in the near future.

Hit them long and straight!

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