You Can be as PURE as Hogan, Trevino and Lopez in the Next 30 Days

The Holy Grail in golf is that feeling we get at the moment of contact – it’s what got us addicted to golf and we wish we could feel it more often.  Great players can hit it farther than most of us, but we can learn to hit the ball as PURE as them. Hogan, Nicklaus and Sorenstam hit it Pure and so can you.

The problem:  it’s not easy!  Our instincts work against us.

With the ball on the ground, we swing up to make it go up, which is logical.  But, it doesn’t work.  To throw a ball, we bend our wrist to make it go faster.  To get the club head to go faster, we think we have to bend our wrists but when we do that, the ball isn’t hit solid or pure.

Knowing this, one of the things I’ve focused on the most is solid contact.  As part of my campaign for President of Golf Instruction, I’m rolling out PURE IMPACT:  4 Weeks to Solid Contact. Go to and enter your name and e-mail address to get access to the program.

This program is designed to get all golfers to focus in on the one thing that makes golf satisfying:  HITTING IT PURE.


In the 1st video, I talk about the theory and right ideas to hit the ball solid.  In the 2nd video, I explain how to implement the correct techniques and practice them so HITTING IT PURE becomes a skill and habit. The 4 week plan is designed to keep you focused to build the habit.

These 2 videos and practice plan are going to become a DVD that we sell, but for now, they’re available for FREE as part of my presidential campaign promise.  I want you to watch them and pass them on to all of your golfing friends.  Go to and enter your name and e-mail address to get access.

Work on these skills yourself, and even better, take the videos to a golf instructor and tell them, point blank, teach me how to HIT IT PURE like this.

Nothing will make you more satisfied and have you enjoying golf more than hitting it solid.  Now get out there and HIT IT PURE.


Until next time…

Your trusted golf coach/advisor,
Charlie King

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