Baseball Drill

Terminology is very confusing when learning the golf swing so the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy Professionals create drills to produce the feel rather then explaining them with words. Release is a commonly used term but is rarely understood without further explanation. Simply put releasing the golf club means rotating the forearms and hands to produce

For More Distance Easy Does It

In golf, more effort does not equal more distance.  In fact, those golfers dreaming of more distance usually swing hard and aggressively at the ball with a violent lunge with the shoulders that severely limits their potential for the good contact and clubhead speed needed for more distance.  The golf ball has no idea how

More Distance for Dads

One thing all of us are looking for is to get more distance off the tee.  There are things we can do to achieve some of this.  A little bit of stretching daily can give us more range of motion that can create club head speed.  Also getting a driver with proper loft and shaft

Hammer the Ball

Michael Ellis, PGA Senior Golf Instructor Marriott Golf Academy Ever wonder how not so big guys like Sergio Garcia and Camilo Villegas create so much power and hit the ball so far?  Sure, talent has a lot to do with it.  Strength, conditioning, and flexibility have a lot to do with this as well. One