Swing Faults

by Mike Angelo National Golf Schools One common swing fault that I see with both high and low handicappers is an improper turn or pivot. Whether its over rotation of the hips (no coil), hip and knee sway (weight goes outside the trail foot), reverse pivot with origins with bad advice like keep your head down,

Keep your Grip Consistent

by Charlie King, New Rules Golf School at Reynolds Golf Academy   Take your 58-degree wedge, your 52-degree wedge and a pitching wedge and hit enough shots to get a good working knowledge of how far the ball’s going to go with a half swing. Don’t try to perfect a bunch of different lengths of

Top Ten Ways to Feel a Winning Swing

  1)  In the address position, it should feel as if….your arms are hanging like a piece of rope. 2)  On the takeaway, it should feel as if….you are pushing a second ball (behind the clubhead) back away from the target. 3)  During the backswing, it should feel as if….you are turning back to shake

Effective Practice

by Jeff Ritter, National Director of Instruction,
Nike Golf School and Junior Camps

In this video from Nike Golf School and Junior Camps, Jeff Ritter demonstrates techniques for practicing in an effective manner.  Take the opportunity to improve your time on the practice tee.

Better Your Body To Better Your Swing

Bob Forman Certified Golf Fitness Instructor MS, Exercise Physiology Why is it that with all the technological advances in the game of golf, the average handicap in the U.S. has not really moved all that much?  Both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, for example, reported that between 1995 and 2005, there had been absolutely no improvement in golfers’ handicaps.Why aren’t golfers getting better?  After