Don’t let age shorten your game

SARCOPENIA IN THE AGING GOLFER WILL INFLUENCE DISTANCE AND PLAYING PERFORMANCE Bob Forman Certified Golf Fitness Instructor MS, Exercise Physiology There’s a sound, physiological reason for the Senior tees. It’s called sarcopenia, although it’s a sure bet that’s not the reason why the USGA developed the forward gold tee box. Sarcopenia, which affects both men

The Golf Home Fitness Gym

Bob Forman
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
MS, Exercise Physiology

The days of the big, bulky, one-muscle-group-per-exercise machine are in
the rear view mirror.  Functional training is the way to go, especially
for golf, as multiple benefits can be achieved with each exercise. 
Although there are indeed some benefits of joining and attending a
health fitness center (camaraderie, fitness professionals to assist you,
etc.), the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to pay and trek
to a local fitness center in order to better your game.  

A functional home gym is easy to set-up, doesn’t require much space, and is very affordable.  (Read more…)

How to Start your Swing

Paul Purtzer, PGA

My brother Tom and I worked hard on our golf swings when we were
starting to play golf and we spent many working on a good takeaway. If
you tend to jerk the club away from the ball and/or have poor rhythm
this may be a great tip for you.