Do that everytime

How many times have you hit that fabulous golf shot and said to yourself; …“why can’t I do that every time?” Well, the answer is simple, because you are not making a repeatable golf swing. What happens with the majority of players is that they try to make it happen rather then let it happen.

Maintain the Triangle

by Paul Purtzer, Purtzer Golf Academy MAINTAIN the TRIANGLE and STAY CONNECTED Through the years I have used many different swing thoughts to get me to swing the club correctly depending on what my faults were at the time. One of the best swing keys for me was when I try to keep my arms

Tempo: Your Key to a Reliable Swing

By: Ryan Carfara, The Island Golf School and Junior Players Golf Academy Golfers are always looking for more consistency in their golf games.  At The Island Golf School and Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA), that is the number one reason why students say that they attend our schools.  What they do not realize is that


These are the 5 factors that affect every shot.   1)       Lie – the lie is how the ball sits, is it down in the grass or up on a tee?  Remember that just because you are 300 yards away from the green, doesn’t mean you always have to use a 3-wood.  Maybe the lie

Starter Set Game

Hugh Royer, III – Director of Instruction Champions Golf Academy Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The main reason most golfers play poorly is improper course management. Most players, including juniors, think they can just hit the ball as hard and far as possible regardless of the situation. This does not necessarily create the best scoring opportunities.

PREPARE to Play Your Best Golf

By Mike Passmore, Simply Great Golf Academy, N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Better Preparation for Playing a Round of Golf is one strategy that the majority of golfers can implement to play better golf. Keep “The 4 P’s Principle” in mind:  Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!  The majority of golfers skip this crucial first step to

Golf Homework for Better Test Scores

There are 2 main exercises that you can practice at home to develop the basic swinging motion – the most effective motion for playing the game of golf.  Spend just 5 minutes a day practicing these exercises and you will make better golf shots with more consistency. (Exercises below are described for right-handers.) SWING Exercise

What is Desert Golf?

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with tall trees, lush grass, snow-peaked mountains, and the ocean within view.  I moved to Phoenix which has, no trees, brown sand, cactus covered hills, and a 6 hour drive the Pacific Ocean.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Arizona and all the desert has to offer, it

Dealing with Pressure

Whether it was the pressure to qualify for a major championship, tension for a few weeks to earn my PGA Tour card, finishing well to make the cut or to win a championship-we all need to learn how to deal with pressure and tension. When I got nervous or tense, I would tend to get