Winter Golf

As winter approaches and golfers in the colder climates go into hibernation here are some tips for those of you who go through “golf withdrawals”: Stretching exercises. Of all workouts, Yoga is by far and away the best form of work-out for golf muscles. Hitting the ball further (which everyone wants to do) is much

Passing Grades Q School

By Jeff Ritter, Nike Golf Camps What Would Tiger Do? Passing PGA Tour Q School starts well in advance of the competition. When counseling my players, I encourage them to ask: What would Tiger Do? This means building your perfect training day to get you to the top of the mountain. Early a.m. workouts, proper

Golf Homework for Better Test Scores

There are 2 main exercises that you can practice at home to develop the basic swinging motion – the most effective motion for playing the game of golf.  Spend just 5 minutes a day practicing these exercises and you will make better golf shots with more consistency. (Exercises below are described for right-handers.)   SWING

My Holiday Wishlist for Golf

If I were Santa here are the golf related presents that I would be delivering this year: To Tiger Woods; a complete and complication free recovery so that we can continue to marvel at the greatest player in history, To Charles Barkley; A golf swing. It is devastating to watch someone who wants to play

Time for a Lesson

It is surprising how many people come to me over the course of a year and say, “you know pro, I’ve never had a lesson”.  Most of them are very good golfers who have sent years diagnosing themselves and hitting ball after ball to make things work.  However, what’s most interesting is that after their