Using Video Analysis

Using Video Analysis To Improve Your Golf Swing It seems that wherever a Golfer goes, he/she hears about using the latest video technology to improve their golf swing.  And every year this swing analysis software is getting more and more advanced.  Yet, there should be certain questions that Golfers should be asking about when deciding

Prepare for a great golf season NOW

by Rolf Deming, Head Teaching Professional  at Arnold Palmer Golf Academy  Saddlebrook Resort. The thought of the Spring Tune-Up brings back memories of my years spent in snow country. A day would arrive when a warm Southern breeze would begin melting the snow, causing a rivulet of water to trickle down the street, several dark

Breaking Barriers

In the last three weeks we have received word from two of our superb students who have both broken a same, ‘golf barrier”, but in different ways. Max Hillier first held a golf club in his hands, 9 months ago. Max, who is originally from South Africa, now lives in the Cayman Islands. Max’s friends

Correct Swing Plane

Many of my students have a problem with swinging the club too much around their body on the backswing and/or too much around their body on the forward swing. Ben Hogan talked about the swing plane in his book 5 Lesson: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and explained the correct angle to swing the club

Sounds of Success

One of the greatest teaching elements that elude most golfers is “sound.” Once a player can combine, feel with the corresponding “auditory sound” required for each shot they can better “reproduce” that shot on command when it counts. Driving – Swish Swing your driver up in the air about waist high. Try to make the

Masters Week Magic

 By Jeff Ritter National Director of Instruction, Nike Golf Schools and Junior Camps 3 Tips from Augusta Groove your money shot Every year I go to Augusta and spend a lot of time watching players warm up before each round on the practice tee. One of the most interesting things is to take

Build Balance into Your Swing

By Don Powers, Purtzer Golf Academy How Balanced are you? I realize this is a strange question and I am only referring to your golf swing, so stop thinking about the question before it hurts. Balance is so important in life and to your golf swing. I mention the subject because I see many who

Women and Golf

by Rolf Deming, Head Teaching Professional Arnold Palmer Golf Academy More and more women are taking up golf. Various reasons for taking the plunge are offered; more and more need to develop their golf game for business purposes, some want a hobby that will enable them to experience more quality time with their mates and/or