Don’t keep your head down

How many women have been told to keep their heads down?  Or how about keeping your left arm straight?  These are two of the worst swing thoughts you could have.  Let me explain. By keeping the head down, throughout the swing, you will restrict the follow through.  In the forward swing the center (the front

Dress for Comfort

Ladies, with clothes that fit your body type and age you will flatter yourself, increase your comfort level and probably play better golf.  And, if you want to look slimmer, wear a larger size. My first career was in fashion working with major department stores as a buyer and in the NYC garment district.  I

Hybrid Problems?

Hybrid clubs are “all the rage” these days and the theory being that most golfers will produce better shots using a hybrid equivalent rather than a long iron.  The hybrids are assembled with iron shafts but are a little longer than an iron and not as long as a wood.  The head resembles that of

Extension on the Backswing Think Wider

Good fundamentals are the key to playing better golf. Today we want to concentrate on one of the most important keys-good extension. You see this in the PGA Tour players, Champions Tour players, LPGA Tour players and all the top amateurs. Fortunately, our teachers stressed good extension and helped us become very good players. Proper

Honey-do to a better game

Drag the Mop By David Graham, Certified Instructor, Marriott Golf Academy There is nothing worse than being stuck in the house with a mile long “honey-do” list on a beautiful Saturday morning. The links call but alas, the “honey-do” list is too long. I recently found myself in a similar situation and while I dutifully

Play to your strengths

Deception is a common characteristic used by some of golf’s greatest architects. The rolling hills of Tom Fazio, the use of railroad ties by Pete Dye, and the elevated crowned shaped greens of Donald Ross provide a few examples. Architects have different ways of changing the landscape to make a 150 yard golf shot appear

Mental Toughness

Chapter 4 Mental Toughness THE NEW RULES GET TO THE “CORE” OF MENTAL TOUGHNESS, NOT SURFACE, QUICK FIXES. With Dr. Rick Jensen I’m not formally educated as a sports psychologist and don’t have a Ph.D., but my experiences as a coach and teacher and the extensive study I have put into this topic have made