My Golf Mentor

Who has made a lasting impression on your life? We all have had someone who has had an impact on all of us as people.  Most of us have been guided through the course of our lives by our parents, teachers, friends, more than likely a little of all three.  There always seems to be

The Swing of the Future

Is Steve Stricker’s golf swing the future of golf?  Is it possible that his swing has been developing for a while?  Is his swing any different from other players today? During the coverage of the FedEx cup the last few weeks the golf commentators were discussing some of the attributes of Steve Stricker’s golf swing. 

Uneven Lies

By – Michael Ellis, PGA Senior Golf Instructor Marriott Golf Academy In this article I would like to focus on uneven or problem lies that most every golfer will face at least once a round.  Though the fairway you are playing looks perfectly level as you look down it toward the green, you may find

How Important is Your Backswing

When you watch golfers hit the golf ball you will see many different backswings. Some are short, some are long and some are in between. Which one is correct? Depending on your body type and physical abilities one of them is correct for you. The majority of inexperienced players I see have back swings that

Play Golf in the Wind

By Bill Whitaker, Director of Golf Instruction, Hilton Golf Academy, Hilton Myrtle Beach & Kingston Plantation Playing golf in the wind is very difficult for the average player. Understanding how to play various types of shots can help keep your scores down. The first thing you will do is learn how to play the “knockdown”

2010 Goals

I hope everyone understands the importance of goal setting in golf and all other pursuits. The goals must be clear, attainable, and accurately written out. What a perfect time of year to begin setting your 2010 goals! Write them down and from time to time go back and re-evaluate. My 2010 continuing education and certification