Health tips for golf longevity

  As I grow older, I realize the importance of eating healthy and staying flexible if I want to continue to play golf at the level I’m accustomed to. I’d like to share with you a few of the products and resources that I’m using and finding helpful so that you too can enjoy playing

Back Fitness

“Back” to Health by Malcolm Joseph Senior Instructor– DLGA, Bradenton It seems back problems, no matter how small, are more common than ever these days.  Almost everyone has experienced it or at least knows of someone that has.  Back problems effect over 70% of the working population and that number is probably higher amongst those

The Golf Mechanic

By Ken Williams NPGIA Course Coordinator The “Mechanic” is unique to golf and easily recognizable.  We have seen him on every practice area and golf course we have ever played.  Frozen in suspended animation, he stands at address in stillness, contemplating the universe that is his swing.  He meditates on the takeaway, his position at

Prevent the Dreaded Spin-Out Move

By Michael Ellis, PGA Senior Golf Instructor Marriott Golf Academy All too often I see golfers excessively spinning or unwinding the hips and shoulders too early in the downswing or forward swing.  This almost always creates poor swing path and results in an over the top motion or an outside to inside swing path.  Slices