Where is Your Weight?

WHERE IS YOUR WEIGHT IN YOUR SWING-IS IT HELPING OR HURTING YOU?? PGA, Champions, and LPGA Tour Players are in good position in their backswings to hit the ball farther and straighter. When you go to a Tour event you will see the players on the practice tee taking practice swings trying to get themselves

Golf’s Engine – The Body

The engine of the golf swing is the body.  It first and foremost provides stability and a base of operations for the arms, hands, wrists and club to swing from.  The “Big Muscle” theory that the big muscles control the so-called small muscles is misleading at best.  “Turn, Turn” is another over-simplification that is not

Spring Rules, Know Them and Win!

The Northeast golf courses may not be in their peak condition in the early spring due to the inclement weather and dormant conditions they have just survived.  During this time of year there are several rules which often come into use.  Use them to your advantage and get out of trouble. Conditions may be wet,

Is Golf REALLY 90% Mental?

Well, it all depends.  I believe it is a sliding scale based on your current skill level.  On my scale, I feel like golf is 50% mental for 18 handicap golfers, 60% mental for 12 handicap golfers, etc. For scratch golfers it is 90% mental and for Tour players it is 95% mental. As we