Do that everytime

How many times have you hit that fabulous golf shot and said to yourself; …“why can’t I do that every time?” Well, the answer is simple, because you are not making a repeatable golf swing. What happens with the majority of players is that they try to make it happen rather then let it happen.

Right Foot Back

Right Foot Back Drill by Jerry Couzynse, VP Golf, Saddlebrook Resort; The most exciting club to hit has to be the “Big Stick”, or more commonly named the driver. Of course the most common result with most high handicappers is a big slice! To help with the slice the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy Professionals recommend

I need a new driver

by Jerramy Hainline, Hilton Golf Academy I Need a New Driver   The most popular equipment question I get each week is always the same; “If I get that new Driver I saw on TV, will I hit it further?”  My answer is always the same; “Sometimes.”  You see bigger is not always better with

How to Generate Power

  Want to hit the ball farther and straighter? First, it is important to have a good grip and to hold the club as soft as possible. Second, you must be connected when swinging the club as the power in a golf swing is generated by the body. A video presentation on connection can be

Chip it in to win

  Over half of the shots you hit per round are played from within 30 yards of the green, making the short game a critical element to your ability to score. Unfortunately, most amateurs spend more time working on their full swing than on their short game. When you are faced with a shot right

Maintain the Triangle

by Paul Purtzer, Purtzer Golf Academy MAINTAIN the TRIANGLE and STAY CONNECTED Through the years I have used many different swing thoughts to get me to swing the club correctly depending on what my faults were at the time. One of the best swing keys for me was when I try to keep my arms

Two types of pitching

By Bill Madonna, Bill Madonna Golf Academy Two factors largely determine your club selection and the degree of swing you need to use: the distance from the green and the terrain. Approach conditions call for two types of shots, a low running shot or a high lofting shot. Practice the low running shot and the