Key Ingredients for Good Putting

Putting accounts for approximately 40% or more of your total score in a round of golf! With this fact in mind, the single most important club to concern yourself with when attempting to lower your handicap is the putter. The four common ingredients among all good putters are as follows: 1) Touch 2) Ability to

Distance, Distance, Distance

It seems like so much attention is being paid these days to distance off the tee. Controlling the distance of your putts can lead to lower scores faster than gaining 15 yards off the tee. Here’s a good test for you to see how good you are at distance control on the putting green. Putt

Push Drill for Better Putting

I like to use the “PUSH DRILL” for my students who are “Decelerators”-ones who have trouble accelerating the putter-trust me that is MOST of you! To Start put 3 balls down no more than one foot from the hole (the length of your shoe) and with NO BACKSTROKE-push the ball in the hole, keeping the

Putting for Distance Control

By Dave Dolengowski, Senior Golf Instructor Marriott Golf Academy Dedicating time in your practice to improve your distance and speed control is crucial to help you achieve your goal of lowering your putt count. It is very seldom I see a student miss the direction of a putt by 5 feet left or right of

Putting On Your Mind

Some of you have expressed difficulties in switching from playing Bermuda greens to Bent grass greens when playing multiple rounds in the Myrtle Beach area. The two most important points to consider are: 1. PACE – Bent grass is usually faster than bermuda, so before you tee off, make sure you go to the putting