The 6 Iron Chip Shot

Enjoy chipping with a putting stroke   The 6 iron chip shot is an extension of putting.  It is designed for use when the ball is just off the green and you need just enough lift to get the ball on the green and rolling.  Use the same grip and technique as you would with

Greenside bunker play

To maximize use of the bounce on the sand wedge and allow for softer landing shots, address the ball forward in your stance with your hands even with the ball, not ahead, and your weight on the left foot. Roll and hinge the left wrist abruptly to about shoulder height (for right-handed golfers) to allow


By Malcolm Joseph – Senior Instructor DLGA Pitching the ball either a short distance 20-30 yards or approaching a green from 60-70 yards can be a very difficult golf shot for many.  Hopefully with some tips from this article and of course some practice you can start to hit the ball closer to the flag

Solidify Your Chipping

by AJ Gaul, PGA Certified Instructor Marriott Golf Academy in Palm Desert, CA The ability to consistently hit crisp, consistent chip shots begins at the address position.  The positions achieved at address become the positions the body and golf club should also be achieving during impact. Begin by addressing the golf ball with a fairly

Through the Uprights

Some sports psychologists preach that you should aim for the smallest possible target. My experience tells me that this is not always the best idea. On golfers’ approach shots, they tend to aim at a very small target, which leads to steering the ball and trying to do things their skills don’t allow them to

Help for Pitches

by Rolf Deming – Head Teaching Pro Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Saddlebrook Resort One of the most distressing experiences in golf is to make poor contact with a short pitch shot. Whether a chunk shot that barely advances the ball or a skull sending the ball scooting across the green, the result seems to