Charlie King Debuts New Rules Golf School Live Thurs. Jan. 21

New Rules Golf School Live!

1. Simplify

2. Demystify

3. Answer Your Questions 

4. Set a New Standard

A new chapter in spreading the New Rules ideals starts Thursday, Jan. 21.

I have a passion for helping you get better at golf.  I took a look at the new technology available and I feel the best vehicle for me to deliver solid information to you is via a live streaming TV Show on the web.

I get a lot of questions from confused golfers wanting to understand this game so they can get better.  Even though I can answer those questions in e-mails or blog posts, I find it hard to get my point across as well as when I can explain and demonstrate simultaneously.

Thus we are launching “New Rules Golf School Live” this Thursday.  Click on the link below at Noon on Thursday Jan. 21.

If for some reason the link does not work, go to and use the search function to look up New Rules Golf .

I will be discussing confusing methods, terminology that seems like a foreign language and the New Rules standards that make such a big difference in your game.  I will also be bringing you informative interviews from industry insiders.

If you have questions for me, post them in the comments section of my blog .

Please join us this Thursday, Jan. 21 at Noon.  The recording will be posted on my blog that afternoon.

I still have several things I want you to do get the most out of our on-line information.

  1. Download and Read “The New Rules of Golf Instruction“.
  2. Sign up for the Our weekly updates (otherwise called a Blog).  This step gets you our latest information on a weekly basis.  Trust me, you will like it.  If not, you can take your name off the list.
  3. Join one of our “New Rules” Groups.  These allow like-minded people to share information.  LinkedIn group or Facebook group.

Charlie King
Director of Instruction
GOLF MAGAZINE Top 100 Instructor

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