Distance, Distance, Distance

It seems like so much attention is being paid these days to distance off the tee.

Controlling the distance of your putts can lead to lower scores faster than gaining 15 yards off the tee.

Here’s a good test for you to see how good you are at distance control on the putting green. Putt from distances between 25’ and 60’. These distances are pretty typical first putt distances. See if you can get the first putt inside of the length of your putter. Are you outside of that distance left or right, or is distance a bigger issue?

The next time you play in a group of 3 or 4, watch their longer putts. Do they tend to be off a lot because of direction, or is distance the problem? Keep in mind, it’s possible to choose the correct line, but miss left or right if your speed was well off.

PGA tour statistics show that the 70th ranked player in 3 foot putting percentage makes over 99% of those putts. If you move out to 5 feet, that player makes 82%. If you move to 8 feet, that player makes 53%. Obviously, it’s very important to get those first putts and chips into that 5 foot or less range.

Take your next few rounds and practice sessions and make a goal to focus on getting better at finding the perfect speed for your putts. My guess is that your 2nd putts will be easier, and your scores will go down.

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