Dress for Comfort

Ladies, with clothes that fit your body type and age you will flatter yourself, increase your comfort level and probably play better golf.  And, if you want to look slimmer, wear a larger size.

My first career was in fashion working with major department stores as a buyer and in the NYC garment district.  I believe in wearing what looks best on me and not what the sales person or fashion magazines suggest.  Fashion statements have been on a rollercoaster the past couple of years but I think fashion has finally found some solid ground so those of us over 20 don’t have to look ridicules to be in fashion.

The new fabrics are wonderful in that they now wick away moisture on those hot days, are warmer and less bulky on cooler days and best of all have some stretch which is perfect for all the motion encountered in golf.  Always make sure you have pockets, they are a must in golf to keep your tee and marker readily available.

Cold Weather:  For more extreme weather like we have in the spring and fall in Windham, wearing your rain pants over slacks is a great way to keep your body warm. Some of these new fleece fabrics are the warmest and least bulky to wear on top. Some golfers like to wear a nylon vest under their sweater eliminating any sound the nylon fabric may make while keeping the wind from chilling their upper body.

Remember heat escapes from the head so a hat will also help to keep you warm. Then there are the hands and feet. In between shots you must keep your hands warm this can be done by putting hand warmers in your pockets that last up to 10 hours. As for the feet, the rain pants will help and some warm socks.  If possible, stay home.

Hot Weather:  When the heat is on, clothing can make a big difference for your comfort. Dressing with clothes that move or stretch made of fabric that breathes and wicks is the best choice. Not only do some of these new fabrics help to wick away moisture but also protect you from ultra violet rays.

Dress codes at Golf Clubs may vary slightly but most do not allow men to wear t-shirts and women cannot wear halter tops and neither can wear blue jeans and, they will not allow you to play unless you change. You may want to wear a visor instead of a cap as the visor will allow heat to escape from your head. If you really become over heated wet your golf towel and put it around the nape of your neck. Drink lots of water.

As a golf professional, the first thing I check out is the weather before getting dressed. If the day starts out chilly I wear a few layers so I may shed as the day warms up. I find vests are great for layering as they do not restrict movement of the arms. And vice versa, if there is a cold front approaching I take additional clothes with me so I can add layers. In my golf bag I always carry a rain suit and hat along with my umbrella just in case, then I am prepared.

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