Equipment Tips for Women

By Jay Synkelma  Lead Instructor Hilton Golf Academy Tucson

Proper golf equipment is essential for ladies in order to promote good golf.  Many women use equipment that is too heavy and the shafts are too stiff.  This makes it hard for the golfer to swing and they may get tired on the course toward the end of the round.  This heavy equipment also makes it harder to get the ball in the air.  The body starts to compensate to the club to make the swing, but not properly.

The new technology with club heads and shafts can really change a players game and make it much more enjoyable.  The head, especially on drivers, are so big and forgiving as well as light, which makes them easy to swing.  Also, the design of irons can be very forgiving so that toe and heel hits perform as good as a solid or center hit.
Shaft technology is outstanding.  They are very light and really promote and help to get the ball in the air with proper flex and kick point.  There are many good brands of equipment on the market now compared to ten years ago.

Looking for equipment:
1.  Find clubs that look good cosmetically.  (It’s like buying a car, you wouldn’t buy it if it didn’t look good.)
2.  Try to swing the clubs and hit some shots on the range or in a net to see how they feel.
3.  Seek advice from local pro or sales rep on what clubs to get to complete your set.
4.  I recommend two or three hybrids in a set of irons  (they are the easiest clubs to hit in your set.)
5.  Don’t forget proper grip size, and style for comfort.

Equipment does make a big difference and with proper instruction a person will see improvement a lot quicker.  Here at the Hilton Golf Academy we are trying to make your game a lot more enjoyable with proper equipment recommendations.  Check our web site for future all ladies golf schools.

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