Five Tips to a Great Junior Golf Experience

If you are looking for a family golf vacation or just family golf lessons, the Hilton Golf Academy knows how to look after juniors and families alike at their four locations.  Many people have different objectives when it comes to the family golf vacation; some just want to introduce the family to the game of golf, while others are looking to tune-up their games for the impending spring golf season.  No matter what your focus, everyone wants to have fun and the Hilton Golf Academy approaches the junior programs that way.

Here are 5 tips to consider when looking for a golf school, golf resort, or golf professional to take your kids to for lessons.

1. Look at the brochures and information they send you carefully. There should be specific options just for kids and there should be a difference between what is offered for the adults and the kids. If they just took the regular adult programs and shortened it for the kids, that’s not a junior program.

2. Class size should never exceed 6:1 for ages 6-17 and classes for children less than 5 years old should be around 2:1.

3. Get your kids on the course. When your children are on the lesson tee they are learning how to hit he ball. When children are on the course they are learning how to play the game. A great junior golf lesson will include on course time with the pro – get them on the course!

4. In our junior programs we start the youngest kids off hitting a beach ball. It is amazing how easily a child can grasp the swing and the concept of hitting a golf ball when it is that big. Make sure that the lessons you sign up for have new and inventive techniques to get your children’s attention.

5. Make sure your resort has junior golf clubs. Cut off are ok to start, but if your kids are getting into it more – they need to have real junior clubs. All the major manufacturers make them, so make sure you can either rent them or borrow them for your children’s lessons.

These are just a few of the things to look for when selecting a junior program for your children and even lessons for the entire family to enjoy together. .

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