For More Distance Easy Does It

In golf, more effort does not equal more distance.  In fact, those golfers dreaming of more distance usually swing hard and aggressively at the ball with a violent lunge with the shoulders that severely limits their potential for the good contact and clubhead speed needed for more distance.  The golf ball has no idea how hard and how much effort you put into a swing.  It only reacts to what the club tells it at impact.

Therefore, distance is clubhead speed correctly applied, and tension and effort are major restrictions of speed.  Here are two drills that can be used to easily add more distance to your shots:

  1. Feet Together:  Tee the ball up with a seven iron and stand to the golf ball with your feet together and the ball located right in the middle of your feet.  Now soften your arms and swing the club freely for a few shots.  If you apply too much effort or over use your shoulders, you will most likely lose your balance.
  2. Distance Progression:  Use a five iron this time teeing the ball up using your normal stance and begin this full swing drill only hitting the ball 50 yards.  That’s right, make a long, slow, smooth, and soft full swing focusing on the easy balance and rhythm needed to strike the ball only 50 yards.  Then, proceed adding ten yard intervals to each shot and notice at what distance you start to lose balance and consistency.  Then, just for fun, try hitting a few shots outside of your new found comfort zone.  Feel free to use this drill as a warm up before a round of golf and even try it with a driver.  This is a great drill for you to learn what your maximum effortless effort is and at what point extra effort makes your distance start regressing.

I agree, it’s not fair that golfers half your size can sometimes hit the ball twice as far as you can.  That fact is only proof that the golf ball reacts to what happens at the moment of impact and that the golf ball doesn’t have any predisposed thoughts about your size, age, or gender.  Try these drills to get rid of excess tension and learn that with distance sometimes less is more.

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