Get the Most out of your Golf Swing

by Jan Kleiman, Jan Kleiman Golf Academy

Finding the golf swing that let’s you get the most out of your game

Believing that there is one perfect way to swing a golf club has always seemed like believing that there is one size of pants that fits everyone perfectly. We are all different sizes with all different levels of strength and flexibility and coordination.

Physical changes may dictate that your swing evolve to continue to get the most out of it. Most recently, I have been working to start with a little more weight on my lead side at address (left side, I am a right handed golfer). Then leaving that weight there in the backswing and making an aggressive move on that lead leg in the downswing.

I have a right knee issue that was making my “normal” swing uncomfortable. The “issue” (arthritis) isn’t going to improve so I looked for better ways to swing the club. I have picked up a couple of yards in distance. I am hitting the ball a little higher. My shots are more solid. And last but not least, it doesn’t hurt!

This does not mean that we can ignore solid fundamentals. There are some things that need to be done in a good golf swing. Beyond that, there can be variations that allow you to get the best out of your game.

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