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Golf Schools by Golf Made Simple!
Florida, California, Arizona, New York, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Colorado, Spain and Portugal
US Golf School Guide
Golf Schools by Golf Made Simple!


Golf Schools by Golf Made Simple, Inc.

Who else wants to improve 6 to 11 strokes?

What makes Golf Made Simple unique? Improvement. Serious Improvement. It could be chaulked up to one thing: We help our Golfers to thrive as much in the future as they do while with us.
The value Golfers receive with the Golf Made Simple Program is seeing and feeling a better golf swing during their 3 days with us as well as when we're not standing over your shoulder. GMS has created a program where our Golfers improve the consistency of their golf swing by learning their golf swing and how to correct it if inconsistency creeps back in.

GMS is a 3 Day Golf Program where ... "92% of Golfers see a 6 to 11 stroke improvement!"

Click here for Golf School Rates and Class Schedule

Do you need proof that GMS works? Just look at a small sampling of GMS Golfers that have improved (listed by skill level, with the Golfer's name, where they traveled from, dates of attendance and date testimonial was sent to GMS) from people that attended the Golf Made Simple Program and are now playing their best golf ever. Why don't other golf instruction programs display current testimonials (or any testimonials at all)?

Your GMS Program also includes - The Instructor For Life Program

"A Warranty for your Golf Swing!"

Most major purchases you make come with a warranty that guarantees that your item will work when you bring it back home and thus making your life better. GMS does this with your golf game!
Your golf will continue to improve with the highly effective and popular GMS Instructor For Life Program that includes the GMS Player Page as well as Telephone Lessons and email correspondence with our Lead GMS Instructor.

Click here for Golf School Rates and Class Schedule

What is the point of paying for golf instruction - yet not improving?

When Mens Journal reviewed GMS, they couldn't help but declare us as the "3rd Best Golf School in America". And that was even before we had established the Instructor For Life Program!
Are you looking to improve and retain that improvement for years to come? Would you like to do this while playing and practicing on some of the best conditioned golf courses in world?

Click here for Golf School Rates and Class Schedule

We believe: "When our Golfers succeed in golf, we succeed in golf."

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