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ballAt the Bird Golf Academy, we not only address and solve your swing, but just as importantly teach you how to think on the golf course. This vital ingredient to playing better golf comes from the long-time direction Carey Mumford, who was the Bird Golf Schools’ ‘Director of Game Enhancement’.  Our instructors were all mentored by Carey, who left an amazing legacy of learning and understanding that we all continue to teach.

Carey’s involvement in Bird Golf is just another reason that our golf schools differ from any other. Through his teaching philosophy, you learn how to “mentally” improve your golf game and thought process. Learn to swing the club on automatic – and never think again!

To learn more about our Mental Game visit us at the Bird Golf Academy, Think Like a Pro.

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Mental Game

Green Valley Golf School
190 W. Continental Road
Green Valley, Arizona

With 2 dedicated practice area and 3 great golf courses for playing lessons, Green Valley Golf School focuses on game improvement in a customized and fun atmosphere. If you start well and you finish well as we guide you to do…….optimum distance and accuracy will be achieved.

Purtzer Golf Academy
Stonecreek Golf Club
4435 E Paradise Village Parkway S
Phoenix, Arizona

Designed around an atmosphere of positive & supportive learning. Purtzer’s Instructors combine their knowledge of the golf swing 2nd to none, love for the game, with a sincere commitment to provide continuing guidance & support as your game progresses.

Purtzer Golf Academy
(602) 314-5950
South Carolina Golf Center
915 Shaftesbury Lane
Conway, South Carolina

Former PGA Tour Player and renowned instructor, Hugh Royer, III, provides men, women, and juniors of all ages the opportunity to improve basic skills or become competitive golfers at the highest levels. Our Myrtle Beach golf school features excellent facilities, a relaxed atmosphere, and superior teaching methods. Come to the South Carolina Golf Center at Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club, the home of Hugh Royer, III.

Bird Golf Academy – The Club at Boca Pointe
7144 Boca Pointe Drive
Boca Raton, Florida

Bird Golf Schools offer 1 on 1 instruction from award winning PGA/LPGA Pros at top resorts, including daily playing lessons, & mental game preparation, luxury suite accommodations.

Bird Golf Academy