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Golf Tips

Tee it high to hit it further!
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With the deep face drivers on the market today, the tees that we have been using for the last 100 years are being threatened with extinction! In order to get the max out of these new scientific wonders, you have to hit the ball higher on the clubface. This requires use of a longer tee. I use a 2 ¾ inch tee for my driver, teeing up the ball so that half of the ball is above the clubface.



Make sure the ball is positioned off the left instep (for right-handed golfers). If you tee it up too far back in your stance the tendency is to pop the ball up into the air because the angle of attack into the ball is too steep.



Finally, make sure you keep your head behind the ball through impact to ensure a slightly “upward” blow to get the maximum launch angle and improved distance.



Start teeing the ball a little higher and a little more forward in your stance and you will love the results!

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