Golf’s Red Zone Challenge – The Happy Caddy Game

 The Happy Caddy game (or Unhappy Caddy if your partner doesn’t hit his pitches well) was first published in Golf’s Red Zone Challenge 4 years ago, which been released as a second edition a month ago (available at  In this game you have a partner and one ball.  You need to find a field or area that allows and you and your partner to hit 20 to 70 yard shots at each other.  Your partner is happy when you keep landing the ball at his or her feet each time.  The focus that this drill creates is as good as any I’ve seen for wedges.

The idea for this drill came fifteen years ago as I was taking a lesson from Top 100 teacher, Craig Shankland. He told me that the players of his era were more accurate.  Watch the following video to hear the rest of the story

Visit the New Rules of Golf Instruction site to watch the video

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