Good Putting Motion

The putting motion is from position one to position two, back and through. You’ll gain a feel for the length and strength of your stroke (soft, medium or firm) as you try to roll the ball specific distances. Relax the arms and maintain the address position (shoulders and arms forming a triangle) throughout the motion. The clubface is in the same relation to the hands at the finish as it was at address.

A putting routine might include the following steps:
1. Stand a few feet behind the ball and read the green. Notice the contour factors that influence the line of your putt.
2. Consider the distance between your ball and the hole. Think how the contour affects your target spot, and consider the degree of force with which you must strike the ball.
3. Taking these factors into consideration, visualize a line from the ball through the target spot and to the hole.
4. When addressing the ball, set the putter face square to your target line.
5. Keep your eyes over the ball or ball path to the target.
6. Refrain from second guessing while you’re over the ball and remember, short back big through for the putter length.


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