Hammer the Ball

FaldoMichaelEllisHeadshotMichael Ellis, PGA
Senior Golf Instructor
Marriott Golf Academy

Ever wonder how not so big guys like Sergio Garcia and Camilo Villegas create so much power and hit the ball so far?  Sure, talent has a lot to do with it.  Strength, conditioning, and flexibility have a lot to do with this as well.

One thing that most of the PGA Tour Players and the LPGA Tour Players have in common is that they create lag in their forward swings. The handle leads and the club head lags.  Everyone would like to hit the ball flush with power.  Try creating more leverage in your swing. Focus on setting or hinging your wrists properly to achieve this leverage to attain more power.  Very often poor shots are the result of not setting the golf club or cocking the wrists properly which causes casting or compensations in the golf swing leading to direction and distance problems.

Start your backswing with what we term as a one-piece takeaway.
FaldoHammerTheBall02A low and slow takeaway is created when you use your shoulders, chest, stomach and arms to move the club away from the ball.  About 2 feet into the backswing as your arms and club have reached your back leg start the hinging process.  Gently push down on the butt end of the club with your glove hand and continue to turn to the top of your backswing.  A good checkpoint would be that when your arms are parallel to the ground about mid way in the backswing a right angle is created with the club shaft and lead arm.  This is a leverage angle as is very much a power source in the golf swing.

By setting or hinging your wrists and creating this leverage angle in your backswing, this angle will be kept longer into the downswing to create a powerful impact position.  The handle will lead and the club head will lag.

This is very similar to using a hammer and a nail.  The hammer will not be effective with out soft wrists and some leverage.



So remember, set your wrists early to retain some leverage and power in your golf swing and HAMMER THE BALL.

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