My Holiday Wishlist for Golf

If I were Santa here are the golf related presents that I would be delivering this year:

  1. To Tiger Woods; a complete and complication free recovery so that we can continue to marvel at the greatest player in history,
  2. To Charles Barkley; A golf swing. It is devastating to watch someone who wants to play this great game, so much, be so terrible.
  3. To Michelle Wie; Maturity, mixed in with a little humility.
  4. To Annika Sorenstam: healthy, happy children.
  5. To the PGA Tour; new sponsors. The biggest sponsors of professional golf are car companies. Enough said.
  6. To Arnold Palmer; immortality. This great man has done more for golf than any other person on the planet. He is a gentleman who touches each life to which he  comes into contact, with pure, unadulterated, joy.
  7. To Carey Mumford; a book deal with a big publishing house. The pioneer of “the mental game” deserves the acclaim that is so rightfully, his.
  8. To President elect Obama. A weekly, 9-hole tee time. With all the stuff that he needs to fix; he will need a weekly break in the action to re-charge.
  9. To Greg Norman; a green jacket. By playing so brilliantly in the Open Championship, Norman earned an invitation to the 2009 Masters. The Masters is the tournament that he most coveted in his halcyon days and so while this may be a stretch; I am after all, Santa.
  10. To every living soul on the Earth. Peace.

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