Honey-do to a better game

Drag the Mop
By David Graham, Certified Instructor, Marriott Golf Academy

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the house with a mile long “honey-do” list on a beautiful Saturday morning. The links call but alas, the “honey-do” list is too long.

I recently found myself in a similar situation and while I dutifully did my chores my, mind kept wandering back to my golf swing. So I thought I would combine the two and work on my swing as I completed my “honey-do” list.

If you want to work on your impact position, volunteer to mop the kitchen floor.  Hold the mop in your right hand the same way you would place the club in your hand.  Imagine that the mop is extremely heavy so the only way to move the mop is to drag it across the floor as you walk in a straight line.  It’s too heavy to lift.


After you drag the mop for a few steps stop and look at the position of the mop and your right hand.  Check your position against the first picture.  From this position two key points can be learned.

The first key point is that the mop stick is leaning forward (to the golfers left). This is what the club shaft should look like at impact.  You want a slight forward tilt to the shaft through impact.  This will ensure that you hit down and through the ball. You never want the club shaft to have any hint of a right hand lean through impact.  This will only, at best, add loft to your shots causing you to hit the ball higher and shorter.  At worst, the shaft tilting to the right will cause a premature release of the golf club resulting in heavy or thin contact.

The second key point we can see is the angle on the right wrist.  Again, check yourself against the photo.  Notice how the right wrist has worked back on itself and the golfer’s palm is square to the target.  No hint of a scoop or lift here.

Now let’s look at a picture of impact with a golf club when someone didn’t “drag the mop.”


Notice how the right wrist looks completely different from the previous photo.  When you drag the mop the right wrist is bent back on itself while the left wrist will be flat, but when the mop/club is flipped or scooped the right wrist is straight and the left wrist is cupped.

Once you get the image of what the correct impact position should feel like, I recommend rehearsing the position in front of a mirror for a few days to learn the feel.  Then graduate to the golf course hitting some punch shots while trying to “feel” like you’re dragging the mop.  Once you have success, start allowing your swing to get longer.

So the next time you have to do chores on a sunny Saturday morning, don’t get too sad, just remind yourself you have the perfect opportunity to improve your impact!



David Graham, Certified Instructor, Marriott Golf Academy

Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Graham graduated from Glenville State College/Golf Academy of the South with a degree in English and Golf Complex Operations.  Thus, Graham not only enjoys playing golf, but also has a creative way of effectively communicating the nuances of the game to his students.  This unique combination makes him an extremely popular instructor and an invaluable member of the Marriott  team.

One of Marriott Golf Academy’s original staff members, Graham’s unwavering commitment to Marriott Golf and to helping students get the most out of their game makes him one of the Institute’s most requested instructors

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