How to Build power in Your Golf Swing

by Paul Purtzer, PGA


The way to hit the ball stronger and more consistent is by developing good fundamentals. In our tip today, we want to concentrate on one of the most important keys-having a good weight shift back and through the ball.


Having a good grip, good positions on the back swing, and a good weight shift which is created by good extension in your swing. The swing is basically the same today as it was when my brother Tom Purtzer (voted Best Swing on the PGA Tour by Golf Digest/his PGA tours peers in the 1990’s) and I first went on the PGA Tour-you saw good extension then and you see it now in the top players on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and LPGA Tour.

Fortunately, our PGA instructors stressed good extension and weight shift and helped us become very good players. Proper extension will help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently.

A common fault that detracts from proper extension in the backswing is when the golfer lifts their arms up and bends their left elbow on the backswing. When they do that they tend to come down on the ball too sharply and either take big divots or they can hit the ball thin if they don’t straighten their left arm at impact.

You want to get the feeling of stretching your hands and arms away from your body as you turn away from the ball. The left shoulder should feel like it is being pulled back as the hands and arms extend. In our new book to come out in 2014, we emphasize that you should feel like your hands stay very low and do not feel like they are going up in the backswing.

You want to cock your wrists between knee high and waist high, but feel like your hands stay low until you finish your backswing. When you do this the hands, arms, shoulders and hips move back together in one motion. Note—feet should be shoulder width apart (Inside of heels=outside of shoulders) and keep a little pressure on the inside of your right foot and knee to keep you from swaying or moving off the ball. The goal here is for the knee to stay slightly flexed-remaining the same throughout the backswing.

Good extension and resisting your right side in your golf swing enables you to achieve the proper weight shift and allows you to gets in a powerful position to come back thru the shot. Take a look at the great players of any decade. Tiger Woods, Tom Watson, Tom Purtzer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, etc. They all have great extension.


In this picture of Tom Purtzer (taken with our new Sony camera) you will see the proper positions in the swing. You can see the correct, powerful position in the backswing and you can also see how low Tom keeps his hands well past impact. His left arm is straight from address well past impact.

You are looking at one of the best swings of all time here. A good one to model yours after.

NOTE: This tip is for right-handers, lefties please turn left and right around.

We hope this tip will help you enjoy this great game even more! Call us today at the Purtzer Golf Academy to make sure your fundamentals (grip, stance, etc.) are correct so you can play your best most powerful golf!   

Keep it in the short grass-good luck !

Paul Purtzer, PGA

Paul Purtzer, PGA

Director of Instruction/President

Purtzer Golf Academy

Stonecreek Golf Club

Scottsdale, AZ          (602) 314-5950


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