How to Start your Swing

Paul Purtzer, PGA


My brother Tom and I worked hard on our golf swings when we were starting to play golf and we spent many hours working on a good takeaway. If you tend to jerk the club away from the ball and/or have poor rhythm this may be a great tip for you.

Once you get your address positions correct, a good takeaway helps you get the right tempo and shape to your swing and makes it easier to hit good, consistent golf shots.

One of our keys was to feel like the left hand, arm, and shoulder would start the club back smoothly in “one piece”. This will encourage a good tempo and make it more difficult for your hands to snatch the club back quickly-keeping everything coming back together. (Lefties turn left and right around please)

When you take the club back, imagine the club is at “0” MPH and as it starts back it is going 5-10-15-20+ smoothly and is going maybe 40-60 MPH to the completion of the backswing where for a brief split second it is back to “0” MPH, when you start down you don’t want to go from 0-80 or 90 MPH in the first foot of the downswing. It should start down more in one-piece like the backswing should start back. It should start down 10-20-30-40-50 and so on until at impact and beyond where the club may be moving 80-110 MPH or so.

Try this the next time you are hitting some balls or playing a round and see if it doesn’t help your rhythm. ALSO, hold your finish at the completion of your swing.


NOTE: You can see the one-piece takeaway in Tom Purtzer’s swing above. (Taken with our 22 frame camera) You can see the correct, powerful position in the backswing and you can also see how low Tom keeps his hands well past impact. His left arm is straight from address well past impact.

You are looking at one of the best swings of all time here. (Tom was voted BEST GOLF SWING on the PGA Tour in the 1990’s by his PGA Tour player peers). A great swing to model yours after.

We hope this tip will help you enjoy this great game even more! Call us today to make sure your fundamentals (grip, stance, takeaway, etc.) are correct so you can play your best golf and have more fun on the “links”.

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