Junior Golf Camp to emulate PGA Tour

The John Jacobs/Shelby Futch Junior Performance Academy at Legend Trail Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona hosts a Summer Performance Camp that is designed to give competitive juniors the daily routine of life on the PGA tour. The 8 hour daily camp starts at 6am and includes everything from personalized golf specific physical training to a nutritionist recommended diet, playing instruction, swing instruction and on-course video analysis.

The strict daily regimen includes having athletes arrive in their gym clothes and work with a personal trainer for an hour. The kids do cardio vascular exercise, core training and stretching. At 7am athletes head  own to the range to warm up for a 9 hole playing lesson. Prior to tee-off, course management is reviewed and game plans are developed. The entire round is video-recorded for analysis. After a warm down  practice session with instruction, athletes break for lunch. Two mini-meals and hydration are also provided throughout the day. After lunch, athletes do short-game drills and full swing before warming up for the afternoon 9 hole tournament.

George Cost, John Jacobs/Shelby Futch Junior Academy Director of Instruction at Legend Trail put the program together. His tailored design was innovative and essential due to the nature of the demographic in  far north Scottsdale.

“It’s a snow-bird town. We’re surrounded by miles of preserved desert and multi-million-dollar winter homes. I knew I had to design a  personalized service that would bring the best from all over the valley.”

George worked consistently with a handful of competitive juniors and had an average improvement of about 8 strokes over the summer  series of tournaments. One of George’s juniors Austin Stadeli improved  from shooting a 47 in his first SW PGA section 9 hole tournament to  shooting a 37 in his last. He additionally qualified to play in the World Junior Competition in Pinehurst, NC.

“The improvement in my players was overwhelming. It’s just amazing what these young stars can do. By giving them all the tools of the modern tour pro they are able to apply themselves completely and develop much faster than ever before,” said Cost.

For more information about the John Jacobs Junior Academy at Legend Trail please contact George Cost at 480.488.7434.  For more information on all Junior programs and special offers from John Jacobs’ Golf Schools, go to http://www.jacobsgolf.com/ or call 1-800-472-5007.

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