Maintain the Triangle

by Paul Purtzer, Purtzer Golf Academy


Through the years I have used many different swing thoughts to get me to swing the club correctly depending on what my faults were at the time. One of the best swing keys for me was when I try to keep my arms and upper body moving together on the backswing and forward swing.

I think of a triangle between my arms and upper body to my shoulders and then maintain the triangle throughout my entire swing. This will encourage a good tempo and make it more difficult for my arms to move faster than my upper body and hips.

Ben Hogan felt like he was going to throw a medicine ball down the fairway which would be a slightly different way to achieve the same result.

This swing key will work well for you if tempo is a problem and/or you have a tendency to get quick with your hands going back or coming through the ball. It will help you produce more power and accuracy as well.

Next time you are hitting some balls at the range try this or spend some time your professional.

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