How to Make the Perfect Wedge Swing

CONCEPT: Match your Arm Swing to your body turn for maximum control!

During a recent clinic with Annika Sorenstam, she stated “the wedge can be the most important club to lower your score! Annika explained that when she shot her “59” she had hit six wedges to inside 8 feet allowing her to make six birdies.


  • SETUP: FEET CLOSE TOGETHER Start with a narrow, slightly open stance, so your body points just left of the target. Place the ball in the center of your stance, inching it forward to hit a higher shot & back for lower shots.
  • BACKSWING: TURN YOUR CHEST BACK On full shots, swing your left arm back to 10:30 on an imaginary clock face; about a three – quarter motion. Make sure to hinge your wrists early, as if you were swinging a hammer, and turn your chest back until it’s over your right knee.
  • FORWARD SWING: TURN YOUR CHEST THROUGH On the forward swing, rotate your arms and chest together at the same rate of speed. Allow the club to move with your body. At impact, your hands should be forward of the clubhead with your left arm and club shaft in a straight line. Your belt buckle should face the target at the completion of your swing.


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