Need Help Reading the Green?

By Jerramy Hainline, Hilton Golf Academy

Need Help Reading Greens?

Some days trying to get a good read on the greens seems nearly impossible!  It seems that the challenge most people face out there each day is reading the sometime subtle breaks in the greens.  The easiest way to read greens anywhere in the world is to NOT pay attention to the line, don’t even look at the area between the ball and the hole.  What? You may ask.  How could I possible read a green if I don’t pay attention to the grass on which the ball is about to roll?  Try this…Instead look 20 feet right of the hole and 20 feet left of the hole.  The idea is to try and get a handle on the terrain.  Ask your self, “If it rains right now, where will all the water run off to?”  Wherever the rain water runs and begins to puddle is the direction your ball is about to break!

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